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WF800 PC Awning

WF800 PC Awning
WF800 PC Awning
  • WF800 PC Awning

Product Information


        The awning material on the market nowadays is still not so decent, especially under bad weather.  The awing with cloth cover cannot resist from the heavy wind while the acrylic can break easily. But the strongest stainless awning makes great noise when it rains. 

        SUNHOUSE polycarbonate awning can solve this problem excellently. It is assembled by flexible alloy plastic bracket and polycarbonate sheet. This new design is simple, but it changes the traditional way of customizing the non-standard awing and welding steel frame.  

        SUNHOUSE polycarbonate awning is novel design, strong and durable.  It can be installed above the door, window, air conditioner, ATM, mailbox outdoor etc to protect from the sun and storm. The assembling parts are all quantity produced by machines with steady quality. Its incorruptibility can be tested by impact of a steel ball of 4.5kg and its anti-aging tested by accelerated ageing test showing 15-year life time used outdoor—8-15 times as regular awning. Moreover, it is UV protected and can resist typhoon 12.  

       This series is patent protected with steady quality guaranteed. SUNHOUSE polycarbonate awning is quantity produced and quality guaranteed.  It is easily installed and the best choice for the solution of awning for the real estate developer and property management company.  The workhouse and workers for making the traditional steel awning are not necessary so that the cost is reduced.

Assembling Parts

Sheet: 3mm Polycarbonate solid sheet, 5mm hollow sheet  ( one sheet)

Bracket: Alloy Plastic (one pair)

Joint: Aluminum Fixing Bar (2 pcs)

Others: Set Screw, Countersunk Screw ( 4 pcs/each)

Standard Specification of Assembling Awning

W(mm) L(mm) Remark
800 1000 1 sheet,2    brackets and full set of accessories
800 1200 1 sheet,2    brackets and full set of accessories
800 1500 2 sheet,3    brackets and full set of accessories
800 2000 2 sheet,3    brackets and full set of accessories


       The bracket is made of special engineering plastics which is used in bumper with ultraviolet absorber、antioxygen、modifier etc. Its characteristic will not changed eventhough it is installed outdoor long time.  It is anti-corrosion, anti-aging, even better than steel. The brackets include front strip, back strip, left bracket and right bracket. It also has the function of hanging out, which makes the design more considerable.

Excellent Features

Assembled flexibly and continually.

Wind resistant, impact resistant, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, easy mantainance, easy installation, low noise, UV-protection

Installation Instruction

Packing and Shipping


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